Truck Recognition AI

Full-vehicle snapshots for your modern fleet, rental, and freight operations. Take back control of your gate.

Beyond Telematics,
Phone Calls, & Checkboxes

Capturing the full picture of your assets in the field,  automatically answering the big questions:
Who, What, Where, & When.

Accurate & Reliable Identification

Multi-factor recognition with redundant characteristics provide reliable data. VIN-level ID recording of truck and trailer through AI allows you to automatically generate carrier profiles upon gate arrival, passively gathering contact details, DOT & MC numbers, and more.

4K Gate Event Capture

Automatically record all gate entry & exit events in 4K video resolution, providing auditable panorama photographs with Vehicle ID and Timestamps to combat theft and prevent fraud.

Reporting and Regulations

Easily create alerts & compute trends, with structured, high-quality data core to everything we do. Trapezoid helps with WAIRE and CA Rule 2305 compliance to accurately measure site emissions and avoid mandated reporting penalties.